Uptree Online Examination Tool

Conduct hassle free online exams for your school, college or coaching institute.

Key Points

  Lightspeed technology for glitch-free test-taking experience

  Real-time e-invigilation with two way chat

  Screen, photo and video proctoring with AI alarms

  Graphical analytics adding value in parent-teacher meets

  White-labeling & API integrations with current ERP

How it works and features along the way

Easily set up your batches, teachers, and students for a hassle-free season of exams and tests

  • Control permissions for different stakeholders
  • Flexible master dashboard to expand users and permissions as you grow
  • Conveniently add students by controlled link sharing or excel upload

Effortlessly create tests using state of the art features

  • 10 question types to choose from including “Subjective” and “Numeric”
  • Dictate to type : 25+ languages supported
  • Snip and paste handwritten questions (bye-bye pixelated formulas)
  • Inbuilt LaTeX support

Schedule flexibly from 1M+ possible configurations

  • Screen, photo, and video proctoring capabilities with AI alarms
  • Custom marking schemes & security configurations
  • Question randomization and pooling provisions
  • Submission options and Score / Answer key sharing
  • Test link sharing and notification features

Conduct exams with comprehensive E-Invigilation controls

  • Comprehensive real-time “Invigilation Dashboard” with two way chat
  • Feature set covering real-life edge cases (add time, add bonus marks, etc.)
  • Offline backup to absorb connectivity drops
  • Picture / PDF submitting options

Meaningful parent-teacher meets – deeper insights with AI

  • Real-time scoring with examiner friendly subjective evaluation
  • Time tracking & AI-powered Cheating Probability
  • Section-wise analytics and lucid graphical interpretations
  • Custom Excel export for detailed results and leaderboards

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